An introduction to Easepal Group and its brands
Easepal and its brands
Global Health Technology Industry Leader
  • 5 Own Brands
  • Covering 5 Continents
  • Selling widely to more than 60 countries and areas
  • First listed company in the industry
  • Vice chairman company of National Health Care Chamber of Commerce/ President company of Massage Health Appliance Branch
  • China R&D Import and Export Base of Massage Appliance
  • Ranking No.1 on the export share and gross output value of massage chair in the past 12 years continuously
  • Main constitutor of China’s massage appliance manufacturing standard
  • Full industry chain capacity of R&D, manufacturing, brand, marketing and service
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  • OGAWA One of Asia 's Two Most Valuable Brands

    Founded in Malaysia, 1996
    • Designated massage chair brand for 2017 BRICS Summit leaders meeting in Xiamen
    • Official partner of 2017-2018 ZJTV “Sing China” Show
    • Designated massage chair sponsor for Shanghai Rolex Masters
    • Focusing on high-en department stores and shopping malls
    More than 700 retail shops in Asia
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  • COZZIA No.1 Home Health Brand in North America

    Founded in Los Angeles,2007
    • 13% of total North America market share
    • Home wellness precise localization
    • Selling network Across America and Canada
    • Innovation leader of the U.S. home wellness appliance industry
    More than 800 retail stores in North America
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  • FUJI Taiwan Leading Massager Brand

    Founded in Taiwan China, 2009
    • Selling to over 10000 families every year
    • Endorsed by famous actress Lin Yichen
    • Star products “iSofa”and “iKnee” make up 60% of Taiwan 's massage chair market
    Running 73 retail stores in Taiwan China
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  • FUJIMEDIC FUJIMEDIC Japanese Innovation Brand for Health Products

    Founded in Tokyo, 2012
    • Deeply cultivated in Japan market
    • Based on massage appliances and health and sports equipments
    • Diverse sales channels including variety store, TV shopping, e-commerce platform and home appliances shop
    More than 300 retail stores in Japan
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  • MEDISANA European Leading Brand for Home Healthcare

    Founded in Germany, 1982
    • Sales network is covering 35 countries
    • Enjoy high popularity in European market
    • Portable healthcare pioneer with leading healthcare management system in the industry
    More than 174000shops worldwide
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5 Own Brands