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4D thermo rollers, new experience for massage.
4D thermo rollers: covering 185mm massage area with 100mm bulged, which brings more accurate experience. Rapid heating technology in massage wheel: tense muscles and spines can be relaxed by 50℃ thermo massage roller; Fast and accurate shoulder monitoring technology and smart reaction on human body's weight are involved.
Extended 1.35m L-Track, Smart monitoring & accurate positioning.
The extended 1.35m L-Track enables the massage course both reaching the connecting point of head and neck and the Ischia reflection area. Accurately focus on tense and strained muscles relax.

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22 massage programs make experience real.
A family can share 22 professional massage programs within 5 categories.
3D-wrapped massage for knees,calves and feet relax
3D knees massage: air-pressure thermo massage focusing on knees caring; 3D-wrapped calves massage: impulse air-pressure massage compare with human gesture; more exquisite massage ways for shiatsu on human’s feet reflection area of internal organs and key points of sole.
7 inches LED tablet with OGAWA Operating System
7 inches LED tablet with new OGAWA 1.0 Operating System enables fast changing of ways.
LED relief light with 7 themes, the best partner of massage
LED relief light with 7 themes, melodious music with stereo sound field to reduce stress
M Drive one touch
New rotary bottom enables the fast start, M Drive one touch for enjoying the massage world.
Master Drive

Zero-gravity design. Forward slip technology leaves only 10cm to wall and saves 25% space comparing to the last product.

Product Master Drive
Type OG-7598C
Color Red / Light Brown / Dark Brown / Orange
Power Voltage 220V~
Rated Frequency 50HZ
Power Consumption 200W
Timing 5/10/15/20/25/30mins
Total Weight Gross Weight 146kg Net Weight 125kg
Size Dimensions 136*84*129cm(L*W*H)
Size Full Recline 196*84*105cm(L*W*H)