MC 825 Shiatsu acupressure massage seat cover

As comfortable as massage chair

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    German technology

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    German design

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    German quality

Six light spots to enjoy healthy life
  • Impulse airbag pinching massage, side waist airbag massage, deeply relax muscles.
  • Humanized design: position of headrest can be adjusted to solve the issue of height limitation and precise acupoint massage.
  • More comfortable experience of light-sensation and hot-compress massage for back and neck
  • Light shape that can be easily shifted and put on all kinds of chairs
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  • New-added airbag pinching massage

    Enjoy excellent airbag from massage chair

  • Innovative massage roller combination

    Better than massage chair’s kneading combination

  • Adjustable neck massage roller

    People of different heights can use

  • Smart division massage on the back

    Allow smart operating like massage chair

  • Back thermo

    Comfortable hot-compress which can be compared to massage chair

  • Light appearance design

    More light and handy than massage chair

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German quality with exquisite details

Considerate design to enjoy free time

39DB low noise design

Enable massage operating in a low noise situation

15 mins auto-launched

Scientific timing setting with 15mins of massage

Reduced hand controller

Enjoy healthy life with one controller

Environmental material offer you comfortable experience
  • a.The environmental ventilate fabric on the back can ensure the uers’skin dry;The high flexibility can be a buffer.
  • b.The comfortable PU material is skin-friendly, anti-water and easy to clean.
  • c.Headrest can be removed and washed to keep it clean.
MC 825 Shiatsu acupressure massage seat cover

As comfortable as the massage chair. Use German technology, design and quality.

Product MC 825 Shiatsu acupressure massage seat cover
Type 88939
Power Voltage 220-240-50/60Hz
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 40W
Weight About 5.9Kg
Size About 110×42×18cm