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No.1 Home Health Brand in North America

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Serving as No.1 Home Health Brand in North America, Cozzia has become the innovation leader of the U.S. home wellness appliances. Cozzia has insisted on the design philosophy of “wellness for home” and all along joined the newest and fashionable design into the products, which enables every customer to experience with a health and comfortable way.

Modernized and high-quality home appliances have become an important part of people’s life. In the past 50 years, the products of Cozzia contributed unique health enjoyment and exquisite appearance design for the customers. Nowadays, the R&D Design Center of Cozzia is still adhering to the philosophy and turning the creativity into reality by the cooperation of more than 100 R&D engineers, designers, color experts and architects. By focusing on the analysis of people’s health issues worldwide, Cozzia invests 50 million dollars every year as the R&D capital to conduct R&D and designing to maintain the most health-valuable products which can conform to ergonomics. Moreover, the manufacturing and launching of every product needs several assessments such as the processing of sample mode and the evaluation from the experts group. Only a long and strict course can offer the customers perfect products.

  • Brand Localization

    Innovation leader of home wellness appliance industry

    The creator of home wellness

  • Brand Vision

    Brings wellness for every family on the planet

  • Core Value of product

    Science & technology · innovation · service

    Wellness for home

  • Products Composition

    Massage chair, zero-gravity chair and other massage healthcare appliances